Meet some PBR Athletes

Melissa Wu

Home town – Saginaw, Michigan.

Past history of sports participation – I swam before I could walk. Swam competitively through high school. Also played basketball and was a cheerleader.

Favorite training experiences – I almost always train with people who are better than I am. I’m exhausted after my Saturday group ride, drained after master’s swim practice and toast after a running speed group. I love it all.

Athletic achievement/s you are most proud of – Ironman Florida 2009. I had never even run a marathon before this event. A lot of training and faith got me to this start line. Ironically, it was the best Ironman of my career. And I have to mention that swimming “just for fun” in the San Francisco Bay was magical…definitely a check off my bucket list!

Races for the coming year/season – Ironman Florida 2023.

Favorite racing and/or training tip – Train with people who are faster than you.

Why did you choose Pitbull Racing? – I started Pitbull Racing because my husband and I have been helping homeless animals for years and saw that Pitbulls, in particular, were getting the short end of the stick in our society. When someone mentioned that our cycling buddies should form a “team,” we said it had to be called Pitbull Racing.

What is your background/passion with Pitbulls? – In 1993, my husband and I started volunteering at Chicago’s The Anti Cruelty Society. That was our first lesson with shelter life. We then walked shelter dogs in Boca Raton at a kill shelter. We knew the days the dogs were being put to sleep (many of whom were Pits) and tried to intervene. We weren’t always successful (& that haunts us) but we were able to help several others from being death statistics.

Anything else you want to express that will help more Pitbulls find loving homes? – Don’t discriminate. Don’t believe the media. Trust your instincts and love the dog who loves you. The payoff is phenomenal! Spay/neuter, rescue, adopt. Be a part of the solution…not the problem.