Pit Posts

The facts speak volumes:

      • Pitbulls pass the atts.org temperment test at a rate greater than Golden Retrievers.
      • A peer-reviewed study on dog bite fatalaties concluded they were “characterized by coincident, preventable factors; breed was not one of these.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24299544
      • Pitbulls are misidentified 60% of the time, calling into question any media or police report of a Pitbull attack.
    • A Pitbull’s bite force is less than a German Shepherd’s.
    • Pitbulls do not having locking jaws (no dog does).

Look at these kids go!

TAILS (Teaching Animals and Inmates Life Skills)

If you have one of our jerseys (or tops), you may have noticed the pink logo on the back for PitSisters.org. This animal rescue is literally saving hundreds and hundreds of dogs from shelters, the streets, cruelty situations and everywhere in between. We are so proud to be associated with them.

They have taken over an awesome program called Tails, where rescued dogs are matched up with prison inmates as a win/win for each party. Prisoners find meaning and purpose while incarcerated and dogs will be socialized and trained by their new friend.

We would like to pool together $250 to support one dog in the program. We have a few people who have pledged but could use a few more to make this goal. Please email us at pitbullcycling@gmail.com if you are interested and we get our collection to Pit Sisters. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a part of something so impactful?