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Home town – Boca Raton, FL. Originally from Saginaw, MI.

Past history of sports participation – I swam before I could walk. Swam competitively through high school. Also played basketball and was a cheerleader.

Favorite training experiences – I almost always train with people who are better than I am. I’m exhausted after my Saturday group ride, drained after master’s swim practice and toast after a running speed group. I love it all.

Athletic achievement/s you are most proud of – Ironman Florida 2009. I had never even run a marathon before this event. A lot of training and faith got me to this start line. Ironically, it was the best Ironman of my career. And I have to mention that swimming “just for fun” in the San Francisco Bay was magical…definitely a check off my bucket list!

Races for the coming year/season – Ironman Arizona 2020.

Favorite racing and/or training tip – Train with people who are faster than you.

Why did you choose Pitbull Racing? – I started Pitbull Racing because my husband and I have been helping homeless animals for years and saw that Pitbulls, in particular, were getting the short end of the stick in our society. When someone mentioned that our cycling buddies should form a “team,” we said it had to be called Pitbull Racing.

What is your background/passion with Pitbulls? – In 1993, my husband and I started volunteering at Chicago’s The Anti Cruelty Society. That was our first lesson with shelter life. We then walked shelter dogs in Boca Raton at a kill shelter. We knew the days the dogs were being put to sleep (many of whom were Pits) and tried to intervene. We weren’t always successful (& that haunts us) but we were able to help several others from being death statistics.

Anything else you want to express that will help more Pitbulls find loving homes? – Don’t discriminate. Don’t believe the media. Trust your instincts and love the dog who loves you. The payoff is phenomenal! Spay/neuter, rescue, adopt. Be a part of the solution…not the problem.

Brutus, Jeff’s Pitbull, CGC-certified and a great ambassador for the breed.

Jeff Slayton

Home town – Apex, NC. Originally from Baltimore, MD.

Past history of sports participation – I started cycling in October 2010. Prior to that I was a crew member for a Pro Mod drag racing team.

Favorite training experiences – Riding with experienced athletes each week that encourage me to become stronger and faster. Each of my fellow cyclists have either competed in or currently compete in Iron Man events each year.

Athletic achievement/s you are most proud of – Making the decision to change my life and getting on a bicycle for the first time in years. I can still remember struggling to ride a few miles at around 9 mph. Now I’m at 60 mile rides averaging 18-20 mph. Cycling has allowed me to lose 45 lbs and given me the desire/ability to compete in events.

Favorite racing and/or training tip – Believe in yourself and overcome your minds power to give up. Your ability to grow and succeed is based on your mental fortitude. Another tip is to know your body and its needs, such as hydration, nourishment and recovery.

Why did you choose Pitbull Racing? – I started researching two of my passions, cycling and pit bulls. When I put these two together it lead me to Pitbull Racing. As I researched this group, their clear vision for the love of the pit bulls, animal rescue, animal welfare along with the dedication it takes to being athletes was very evident. Great people for great causes, it was a simple decision to associate myself with this group.

What is your background/passion with Pitbulls? – It all started when I was introduced to my first pit bull a few years ago. A good friend of mine rescued a pit bull that was used for fighting. He rehabilitated, socialized and trained him. Up until this time I had only heard of the negative stereotypical hype. That impression was quickly changed after meeting him and this led me to rescue my first pit bull. As my pit grew, we trained together and I learned so much more about the breed, their abilities and dedication to pleasing their owners. I then started volunteering with The Positive Pit Bull out of Raleigh, NC where I gained even more knowledge about the breed. This group of people shares the same love of the breed and values for animal welfare and rescue that I do. Volunteering led me to rescue my second pit bull which I could not imagine life without her.

Anything else you want to express that will help more Pitbulls find loving homes? – People need to have an open mind and take the time to meet some pit bulls. They will quickly see how loving, obedient and intelligent these dogs truly are. Pit bulls are not for everyone, they need owners who are dedicated to training and socializing them on a regular basis and who will invest the time to exercise them daily. These dogs are high energy and need to burn it off daily.

Bill is as strong as this dog!

Bill Mayoral

Home town – Lake Worth, Florida.

Past history of sports participation – Ran cross-country and track in high school and college. Continued running and participating in road races on and off in the Open and eventually Masters divisions until 8 yrs. ago, when I started cycling (age 46).

Favorite training experiences – Whan I ran years ago my favorite workout was running 200 meter intervals and my favorite races were the 800 mts. and the 4X400 relay. Now that I’m cycling, I like doing 1 mile intervals and the Saturday rides with my teammates at Logger’s Run.

Athletic achievement/s you are most proud of – My PR in the 880y run (age 20 – 1977).

Favorite racing and/or training tip – Train hard and rest harder! 🙂

Asia, Andy’s dog

Andy Wooten

Home town – Aspen, Colorado.

Past history of sports participation – I started running in the 80’s when I was in Germany and in the Air Force. After being stationed in Colorado in the late 80’s I started running races here such as the Pikes Peak Ascent and the Pikes Peak Marathon. I eventually started running Ultramarathons in 2009, 50 and 100 mile races with my favorite race being the Leadville Trail 100 Run.

Favorite training experiences – My favorite training experiences are when I am allowed to be in the high country, up in the mountains away from everything and can train all day. Days that are perfect and everything just works. I like to see things when I am on my long runs that I make me realize that if I were not training or out there that I’d miss seeing.

Favorite racing and/or training tip – As I have gotten older I have realized that you can’t depend on just training to stay fit. Food choices go a long way to maximize the benefits of hard work. You can not out train a bad diet. Secondly… when it comes to training, consistency is the key. Put in the time when you can and when forced to miss a day or need to rest due to life it’s of little to no impact to the big picture.

Why did you choose Pitbull Racing? I did not even own a mountain bike until last October when I decided to register for the Leadman Series. I had never even ridden a bike past just getting from point A to point B. So it has been a huge learning/training curve for me training for this series. When I thought about what kind of kit I might want to wear or jersey, I thought of something close to my heart and had meaning to me and that would be Pitbulls. I googled Pitbull and cylcing and disovered the great Pitbull Racing website and immediately emailed about getting gear. I help with rescue dogs, fostering and even had my own two pits at the time. One I lost in December so representing the breed in her honor became even more important to me.

What is your background/passion with Pitbulls? I inherited my first Pit Roxy when she was two years old in 2005. We had a particularly special bond… she wasn’t just my dog, I was her human if that makes any sense. We did a lot together, even a cross country road trip in a truck and back which was a blast. Anyway, she completely changed my mind about the breed and was such a great dog that I always felt that she could be an ambassador for Pits. Everyone loved her that she met. I became a fan of Pitbulls because the more I met the more I realized that there really is not a more loyal, intelligent and personable dog out there. Pits have the brightest and most unique personalities I find or maybe it is just me and that I can connect with them.

Anything else you want to express that will help more Pitbulls find loving homes? I wish people would be more open minded about all breeds of dogs not just Pitbulls. Again, with Roxy… She even changed my mom’s mind and her opinion of Pitbulls and if you know my mom you would know that getting her to change her mind about anything is nothing short of a miracle. Roxy was a strong presence. Most importantly if you have a pitbull, please spay and neuter and get training to learn how to manage such a smart and driven dog as a pet… if you are are lucky enough… to be their human.

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